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2007 15 years RAUMAG- JANICH, 40 Years JANICH- Speciality Dampers.

Diverter of a new generation and exhaust gas systems for combinet cycle powr stations.

Louver dampers,Double louver dampers, Tandem dampers for power stations, FGD- plants and DeNOX- plants

Flap dampers and Divertersfor power stations, FGD and DeNOx- plants

Sickle isolators

Goggle valves

Toggle disc valves

TECHNOLOGY 3 : Lattice supported single shell damper blade DBP fora new generation of large isolation Dampers

General purchase conditions (German version)

TECHNOLOGY 8: Bypass system for combi-ned cycle gasturbine plantbased upon a new, patented diverter

TECHNOLOGY 4: New sealing system DBP NICROFLEX®-HIPERFORM with high resilience

Flue gas modulation and shut- off dampers for Power stations and Industrial plants.

TECHNOLOGY 5: Hot gas Guillotine damperfor one of the world largest Limestone milling plants

TECHNOLOGY 7: Low transportation coststhrough modular design DBPa

TECHNOLOGY 6: Lattice supported blade DBP for GUD-Powerstation Diverter damper

General sales conditions (German version)

Telescopic steel covers for beds and guide ways of machine tools.

Service fees and conditions for Germany and Western Europe

Service fees and conditions worldwide (without Germany and Western Europe)

Certificate QM Systemtechnik GmbH

Certificate QM TCS GmbH